Build a "Second Brain"

• Have you ever forgotten brilliant ideas you have had?

• How much information do you remember after countless hours of reading, watching and listening to the informational content?

• Do you struggle to find the knowledge you once read/heard/watched that could be useful for your work?

• Brain can store limited information from the knowledge we consume.

• Therefore, offload the storage, organisation & retrieval of ideas to your second brain: ISELO, & let your brain do creative thinking.

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Build a "Second Brain"
Build a "Second Brain" Build a "Second Brain" Build a "Second Brain" Build a "Second Brain"
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Superfast knowledge curation

✓ Save every idea you encounter reliably forever in your second brain repository without disrupting your flow

✓ Optionally, just add tags to organize as everything else is pre-filled when you save a knowledge

✓ Cultivate a collection of valuable knowledge and insights

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Super efficient knowledge management

✓ Store different types of knowledge elements at one place: web links, videos files, pictures, memos etc.

✓ Neatly organize content with lists & tags

✓ Always keep your dashboard neat & clean by archiving what is done

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Super easy knowledge retrieval & sharing

✓ Find your content swiftly using our blazing fast, typo-tolerant search

✓ Retrieve knowledge directly within Microsoft Teams or Slack

✓ Create something out of the knowledge you’ve collected and share it or get valuable, targeted feedback from your knowledge buddies in just a couple of clicks

All of this can be done in private space OR team spaces!

With ISELO you can curate content in private space for personal use OR in shared spaces for various teams. Just save your knowledge piece in the team space & "boom!"; it will be instantly accessible to the team members to consume or to collaborate on. This can also be done with our browser extensions.

If you are a user of Microsoft Teams or Slack, you're in luck, as our integrations allow you to search and share knowledge pieces directly within the chat windows.



Keep interesting content found on web or upload your documents and get back to that whenever you want


Organize the saved content neatly with tags & lists or archive when done with the knowledge piece


Search using Microsoft Teams/Slack or in tags for quick retrieval


Share & have a focused discussion with your teammates on the shared knowledge bytes

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