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Save time on research

✓ Save your researched URLs with one click using our browser extensions

✓ Organize content under relevant headings & retrieve them easily when required

✓ Find any of the saved content in microseconds with our blazing-fast, typo-tolerant search

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Gather & manage your topic ideas at one place

✓ Log every topic idea that comes your way at anytime

✓ Keep your topics well organized & filter them with help of lists & tags

✓ Mark them as completed when you have finished the blog

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Plan & outline your blog with your team

✓ Curate content together as a team in a shared space

✓ Collaborate on the shared content with comments

✓ Take notes while curating content



Keep interesting content found on the web or upload your documents and get back to that whenever you want


Organize the saved content neatly with tags & lists for quick retrieval


Recommend articles, videos or blogs to your teammates in a shared space


Discuss with your teammates about the saved content through comments

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