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Knowledge has the power to transform you & your business into an industry powerhouse if managed effectively. ISELO provides you one well integrated and searchable place for your & your teams’ knowledge. With knowledge always at your fingertips, be the best at what you do!

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Your Knowledge Companion
Your Knowledge Companion Your Knowledge Companion Your Knowledge Companion Your Knowledge Companion

How it works

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Keep all your knowledge pieces at one accessible & searchable place

You can store all types of knowledge elements in ISELO; be it web links, videos, files, pictures, memos, or anything else. Upload a file from your system or just save any weblink at the very moment you find something useful using our browser extensions. Plus you can neatly organize the content with lists & tags for easy retrieval later.

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Keep knowledge always at your fingertips

ISELO makes it very easy to find any content you saved in a breeze with its blazing-fast, typo-tolerant search. This not only works in ISELO but also seamlessly integrates with 3rd party tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack. It means you can access your knowledge directly in the apps you use every day, without toggling between different tabs & windows.

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Sharing & collaborating on your knowledge has never been simpler

Make knowledge-driven culture a norm. Crowdsource content across teams, departments, or the whole company just with a few clicks. Discuss with your learning buddies or teams about the saved content through comments. Best of all, you & your team members can access the required knowledge, whenever & wherever you need without disrupting your workflow as ISELO integrates with 3rd party tools like Slack & Microsoft Teams.



Keep interesting content found on the web or upload your documents and get back to that whenever you want


Organize the saved content neatly with tags & lists for quick retrieval


Recommend articles, videos or blogs to your teammates in a shared space


Discuss with your teammates about the saved content through comments

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