What is a Second Brain and why you need it, right now!

What is a second brain? The second brain is a concept of saving and systematically reminding us of the insights, inspirations, ideas, and connections gained through our experience. As it sounds, building a second brain is about making a reliable

Productivity through Personal Knowledge Management
5 Steps to Boost Productivity through Personal Knowledge Management

You need more than just the right tools to boost your employees’ productivity. Streamlining your knowledge management can also impact their performance in their respective roles within the organization. It gives them access to the processes, solutions, and best practices

Top 5 ways to avoid Slack communication overload & boost productivity

Introduction In today’s world, being surrounded by apps and platforms, you are likely to spend more of your time on email and messaging platforms. According to a recent survey, most people can’t go even 5 minutes without checking their mailbox.

Knowledge Management

In today’s economy, gaining knowledge is one of the most important assets for a modern company. It can be seen by the fact that Fortune 500 companies were billed annually worth $31.5 billion because of a poor knowledge-sharing process. It