Your Research Companion

• Setup a process for your research
• Capture & revisit your research journey at anytime
• Research itself is tough, managing research should not be

Your Research Companion

Help discover your research ideas

Gather & manage your research ideas at one place

Log every research idea that comes your way at anytime

Keep your topics well organized & filter them with help of lists & tags

Archive them when you have either finished the research or discarded the idea

Boost your research productivity

Save your researched URLs with one click using our browser extensions

Upload all the research papers/files/documents under your research list

Organize all content under relevant headings & retrieve them easily when required

Find any of the saved content in milliseconds with our blazing-fast, typo-tolerant search

Share & collaborate with professors & your colleagues at one place

Share the relevant content with your team & read their recommendations

Access saved content directly from 3rd party tools like Slack & Microsoft Teams

Don't wait for in person meetings for every question you have. Just leave messages or question for professors/colleagues to be answered later as per their convenience, while keeping the discussions preserved

Take notes & share feedback while curating content



Keep interesting content found on web or upload your documents and get back to that whenever you want


Organize the saved content neatly with tags & lists for quick later retrieval


Recommend articles, videos or research papers to your professors and teammates in a shared space


Consume the knowledge shared by professors or teammates & discuss the same through comments

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